Best Private Jet Charters of 2024

Written by: Parija Guha

Private jet charters are for high end customers, who like to enjoy luxury, maximize time at their destination and minimize the number of flying hours. With their user-friendly app for booking your flights and more than 1,500 jets to choose from, Wheels Up stands out as the best private jet charter service available. But depending on what you’re looking for, another private jet charter might make more sense for you. You may even find one provider is the best fit for some flights while another provider is better for others. To help you make the most informed decisions regarding your private jet charters, we’ve reviewed Wheels Up as well as nine other providers.

Top 10 Private Jet Charter Companies

How to Determine the Best Private Jet Charter

Private jet

From the cost of their services, the types of aircraft in their fleet, and their available flight locations, amenities they provide – there are many factors to consider when evaluating a private jet charter. We recommend you ask yourself the following questions when you’re making these decisions — the answers will help you decide whether a particular provider is a good fit for your travel needs.

How many private jet flights do you plan to take per year?

First of all, it’s important to note that some private jet companies only allow you to book one flight at a time, while others offer jet card programs that require you to purchase a bundle of hours upfront or make a minimum deposit. Some providers offer both pricing models.

If you plan to fly on private jets only once or twice per year, you should probably stick with chartering flights individually, as the costs involved with jet card programs won’t be worth it at that kind of volume. On the other hand, if you plan to spend 25 to 75 flight hours per year on private jets, then it makes more sense to take advantage of the benefits offered by jet cards (bulk discounts, fixed rates, guaranteed availability, etc.).

Which features are most important to you?

You should also consider which features you’re most interested in when evaluating different private jet charters. A provider’s fleet is its most significant feature. If you’re planning to take relatively short flights, then finding a company with turboprop planes or light jets will allow you to save money on flight hours, since larger planes tend to charge more. But if you plan to travel over a few thousand miles on some of your flights, you should look for an option that offers super midsize or heavy jets. Having more passengers will require you to book a larger jet as well. Some providers have just about every type of private jet in their fleet, while others specialize in a particular size.

Also, are you only interested in getting from point A to point B, or do you want your flights to include amenities such as flight attendants, full-size workstations, gourmet catering, entertainment systems? Each private jet charter service has its own set of amenities. Before you move forward with a jet charter service, make sure they provide all the amenities you want as well as the size of aircraft you need.

Do you know anyone who could make a recommendation?

One aspect that makes it somewhat challenging to evaluate private jet charters is that, unlike other businesses like retail stores and restaurants, it’s difficult to find public customer reviews for these services. For this reason, you should seek out friends or family who regularly charter flights on private jets. If you can find someone with this experience, they can provide you with invaluable firsthand knowledge that you would usually get through online reviews. Also feedback from previous clients who have used these services may be beneficial.

Our Private Jet Charter Comparisons

Wheels Up — Top Pick

Wheels Up

Wheels Up earned its spot as the top pick in our guide thanks to its extensive fleet and particularly user-friendly system for chartering flights on a private jet. After you sign up, all you need to do is use their website or download the Wheels Up app to access their marketplace of over 1,500 aircraft. Once you’ve selected a private jet, you can see the cost of a particular trip and then book your flight with just a couple clicks.

It’s also worth noting this provider has a partnership with Delta, which offers benefits such as discounts on commercial flights with Delta and the ability to earn Delta Skymiles on your private jet flights with Wheels Up.

Jet Linx — Best Jet Card Program

Jet Linx

Jet Linx doesn’t provide individual chartered jet flights — you’ll need to invest in their jet card program to use this provider.

To obtain a Jet Linx jet card, you must pay a one-time membership fee of $25,000 and make a nonrefundable deposit of at least $250,000. That’s a relatively steep cost, but it provides you with access to fixed hourly rates and guaranteed availability of their extensive fleet, which includes everything from light jets (an affordable option for taking small parties short distances) to heavy jets (capable of taking large parties long distances without stopping to refuel).

Jet Edge — Best for Empty Leg Flights

Jet Edge

Jet Edge’s fleet is mostly made up of super midsize and heavy jets, which makes them a great choice for anyone who regularly takes international flights but less than ideal for those who plan to mostly take short domestic flights. Jet Edge can also make it easier for you to upgrade the other aspects of your travel plans through their partnerships with brands such as Four Seasons Hawaii and IYC Yachts.

Like Jet Linx, Jet Edge also offers a membership program — in exchange for depositing at least $100,000, you’ll get to take advantage of exclusive empty leg specials and other benefits.

XO — Best for Jet Sharing


XO is similar to Wheels Up in that they allow you to access a combination of owned and managed private jets through their mobile app.

What sets this provider apart from most others is that, in addition to renting an entire aircraft, you can book a single seat on a private jet through their private jet rideshare service. This allows you to take advantage of the benefits of private jet travel at the lowest possible rates.

BLADE — Best for Short Flights


BLADE is a rather limited provider for private jet charters, as they’re focused on relatively small aircraft such as helicopters, seaplanes, and turboprop planes. If you have a large number of passengers or want to fly long distances, you should probably use another service.

One advantage to these smaller planes, though, is that their hourly rates are much lower than what a larger private jet would cost you. If you only need to take a short flight, they may be your most affordable option.

JSX — Best Flight Experience


Similar to Wheels Up’s partnership with Delta, this provider has a partnership with United Airlines that allows you to earn United MileagePlus miles on your flights with JSX. It’s quite easy to use this service, as you can book your flights directly through their website or mobile app. Their flight experience is comparable to flying business class on a commercial airliner, with flight attendant service, complimentary snacks, and plenty of legroom.

It should be noted that JSX’s flight locations are somewhat limited, though. While there are plenty of available destinations on the West Coast, you’ll likely need to use another provider if you plan to travel to other areas.

NetJets — Best Partnerships


NetJets is another provider like Jet Linx that doesn’t allow you to charter individual flights — instead, they offer a membership program, and you can also lease jets from them (with a minimum commitment of 36 months).

Of all the providers featured in this guide, NetJets offers the best partnerships with other luxury brands. Indeed, your NetJets membership will provide you with access to unique experiences such as exclusive wine tastings, VIP access to equestrian events, and private coaching sessions with professional golfers.

Stratos Jet Charters — Best Aircraft Selection


Stratos offers a variety of private jet charter services, including business jet charters, cargo jet charters, and medical air transport. Over 2,000 aircraft are integrated into their marketplace, so you should have no problem finding a plane that suits your specific needs.

In addition to offering individual flights, Stratos has a membership program as well. This program requires an initial investment of at least $8,500, and it includes benefits such as fixed hourly rates, guaranteed availability, and a flexible cancellation policy.

STA Jets — Best for Last-Minute Flights

STA Jets

STA Jets offers an impressive fleet, as they have everything from the light and affordable Cessna Citation Encore to heavy long-range jets like the Gulfstream G550. You can request a quote for any particular trip on their website. Just let them know if you’re in a hurry — in that case, they should be able to arrange everything and get you on your plane within just a few hours.

This provider is also notable for their strict safety standards. All their aviators hold IS-BAO certifications, and they have multiple third-party audit systems in place.

VistaJet — Best for Long-Distance Travel


VistaJet’s signature silver-and-red fleet includes aircraft such as the Challenger 350 (seats up to eight passengers and can travel up to 3,200 nautical miles), Challenger 605 (up to 12 passengers and 4,000 nautical miles), and Global 6000 (up to 14 passengers and 6,000 nautical miles). They also offer the Global 7500, which is the world’s longest-range jet with a maximum flight distance of 7,500 nautical miles.

You can book flights individually, and there’s a membership program available that allows you to lock in your flight hours at a fixed rate. Members also get access to VistaJet Private World, an exclusive portfolio of suites, residences, ski lodges, yachts, and islands that offer privacy as well as personalized service.

Private Jet Charter Frequently Asked Questions


What is a private jet charter?

Private jet charter services allow you to rent a private plane rather than travel on a commercial airliner. That way, you can avoid the hassle of flying commercial (crowded terminals, long lines, frequent delays, cancellations, re-routings, etc.) at a much lower cost than actually buying your own private jet (between $2 million to $100 million). Some private jet charters own their fleets, while others maintain marketplaces that individual aircraft owners can use to rent out their jets.

Also, you can set your own flight timetable, don’t have to deal with layovers and flight changes or connections , which saves a lot of time and energy.

You can also enjoy amenities such as choosing your own flight crew, cater meals, enjoy entertainment systems and have your own access to technology while you fly.


How do private jet charters work?

The most user-friendly private jet charters allow you to review available aircraft, compare flight hour rates in real time, and book your flight directly using their website or mobile app. Other providers will require you to contact them to get a custom quote for the cost of your flight and work out the other details of your travel arrangements.

Keep in mind: You pay for the entire plane, be it for one passenger or filled to maximum capacity.


How much do private jet charters cost?

Each private jet charter service charges different rates for their flights, but you can generally expect them to cost between $2,500 per hour for the smallest private planes to $30,000 per hour for the largest long-range jets. Unless you get a travel card that allows you to lock in a batch of flight hours at a fixed rate, you’ll find that flight hour rates tend to fluctuate over time according to demand. There’s also a 7.5% excise tax that’s usually applied to flights, and you may be charged a separate fee for the cost of fuel.

As mentioned above, anyone who flies on private jets somewhat frequently should consider investing in a jet card rather than booking their flights individually. Most of these cards will require you to make a six-figure minimum deposit or pay for a certain number of flight hours in advance — in exchange for that commitment, you’ll get access to discounted rates for your flight hours as well as other perks.


What is a private jet rideshare?

While chartering a private jet usually involves renting an entire aircraft, some providers also offer a private jet rideshare service. This is similar to booking tickets on a commercial flight, as you’ll be renting a seat rather than the whole plane and sharing the jet with others. If you’re trying to find the absolute lowest price for flying on a private jet, this is likely going to be your best option.