Best Private Jet Companies of 2024

Written by: Parija Guha

The top five questions that you should ask yourself while considering any jet charter are:

  1. What is the company culture like?
  2. Do they have previous safety records?
  3. Do they have plans to improve safety if needed?
  4. Do they collaborate with other operators?
  5. Do they have 24/7 customer support via app, phone, or email?

We’ve determined that NetJets is the top private jet company. Thanks to their particularly impressive fleet of high-end aircraft. Aircraft options shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when making this decision.It is very important to do enough research on the services they provide, the amount you are going to pay for those services, and their safety standards.

Depending on your other travel needs, you may find that another provider makes more sense to you. To help you choose the best private jet company for your specific needs and situation, we’ve reviewed NetJets as well as nine other options which are worth considering.

Top 10 Private Jet Card Companies

How We Determined the Best Private Jet Companies

Private jet

It can be difficult to know which private jet company is the best fit for you — each provider has its own way of doing business and there are many different factors to consider. This guide will help you understand the pricing models and services offered by the top businesses in this industry. We also recommend you ask yourself these three questions to figure out exactly what to look for:

How much time do you spend on private jets?

Most private jet companies offer some combination of the following four services: individual chartered flights, jet card programs, jet leasing, and fractional ownership.

If you spend less than 25 flight hours per year on private jets, you should look for a provider that allows you to charter flights as needed. While this is the most expensive choice from a per-hour perspective, the upfront costs for other options only make sense if you fly more frequently.

Those who spend between 25 and 75 flight hours per year on private jets should choose a provider that offers jet cards. These programs usually require you to purchase a block of flight hours in advance or make a significant nonrefundable deposit, and in exchange for that commitment you’ll be provided with discounted rates, guaranteed availability for select aircraft, and other perks.

Jet leasing and fractional ownership are the most expensive options, but if you spend more than 100 flight hours a year on private jets, you’ll likely end up saving money compared to jet cards or chartering flights on demand.

Which features are you interested in?

Once you’ve determined which type of private jet program is the best fit for your needs, you should then evaluate the other aspects of each available service. For example, do they offer a wide selection of aircraft, or do they specialize in light/midsize or super midsize/heavy jets? If you only plan to take short flights with a few passengers, using smaller aircraft will allow you to save money. On the other hand, if you want to travel long distances with a lot of people, you’ll need to use a provider that offers heavy long-range jets.

In addition to the size of the aircraft, you should also make sure any provider you’re considering offers all the amenities (flight attendants, workstations, lie-flat beds, etc.) you want. Make sure that the investment of a private jet is worth it for you. Evaluate how many hours you’ll fly, the services you need while flying, and your budget before choosing a provider.

Do you know anyone who can make a recommendation?

Do you know any friends, family members, or others who regularly use private jets? If so, you should ask them about their experiences with providers they’ve used. It’s hard to find public customer reviews for these services, so your personal connections can be an excellent alternative and help you make a more informed decision.

Comparisons of the Best Private Jet Companies

NetJets — Top Pick


We selected NetJets as the best available private jet company because they have the most impressive fleet of all the providers featured in this guide. Indeed, the flagship of NetJets’ fleet is their custom Bombardier Global 7500 — with a maximum range of 7,500 nautical miles, this plane is capable of taking up to 14 passengers on long-distance trips, such as from San Francisco to Sydney. It’s equipped with circadian lighting, a state-of-the-art air filtration system, and floating-base seats, so your ride will be quite comfortable as well.

Their fleet, which is made up of over 700 planes, also includes smaller jets for when you’re traveling with fewer passengers on shorter trips. To access these aircraft, NetJets offers leasing, fractional ownership, and their own jet card.

Airshare — Best for Empty Leg Flights


Airshare’s fleet includes the Phenom 100 (can carry four passengers for up to two hours) and Phenom 300 (can carry eight passengers for up to four hours). If you’d like to charter flights on demand through Airshare, they can connect you to thousands of third-party aircraft to find a solution that makes the most sense for your travel needs. They also offer some great rates on empty leg flights.

However, Airshare’s EMBARK jet card program only includes access to their own fleet, making this jet card a suitable option if you’re mostly flying in the continental United States, but not so much if you plan to take international flights. Also, anyone who frequently flies on private jets should check out their fractional ownership program, which includes unlimited hours and can help you save up to 30% on your flight hours compared to standard rates.

flyExclusive — Best Flight Location Selection


There are currently 85 jets in flyExclusive’s fleet, which range in size from the Cessna Citation Encore (can carry eight passengers for up to three-and-a-half hours) to the Gulfstream GIV-SP (can carry 16 passengers for up to 10 hours). With their wide variety of aircraft, flyExclusive can take you almost anywhere in the world.

You can charter flights with flyExclusive on demand, and they have a membership program that offers access to discounts, their dedicated member services team, and other benefits. Like Airshare, flyExclusive also offers a fractional ownership program.

Jet Edge — Best Partnerships

Jet Edge

Jet Edge allows you to charter flights as needed, and they also offer a Reserve Membership Program, which requires a deposit of at least $100,000 and includes access to Jet Edge’s high-end fleet of Challenger and Gulfstream aircraft as well as exclusive empty leg discounts.

What really sets Jet Edge apart from the other options in this guide: their partnerships with other luxury brands. Through this provider, you can access unique travel experiences at destinations such as Montage International, Four Seasons Hawaii, and The Ranch at Rock Creek.

AirSprint — Best for Fractional Ownership


AirSprint’s fractional ownership program provides you with access to your own specific jet. Three tiers are offered: Advantage Access, which includes 25 annual flight hours, guaranteed availability with 72 hours’ notice, and 30 reserve calendar days; Club Access, which includes 50 annual flight hours, guaranteed availability with 24 hours’ notice, and 24 reserve calendar days; and Infinity Access, which includes 75 annual flight hours, guaranteed availability with eight hours’ notice, and no reserve calendar days.

It should be noted that your only aircraft options with this provider are light and midsize jets. If you plan to travel with large parties or fly particularly long distances, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Jet Linx — Best Jet Card Program

Jet Linx

Jet Linx offers a jet card program, joint ownership program, and aircraft sales — you can’t charter individual flights through this provider.

The jet card program requires a one-time membership fee of $25,000 and a nonrefundable deposit of at least $250,000. That’s quite the upfront investment, but it provides you with fixed rates and guaranteed availability of Jet Linx’s extensive fleet (everything from light jets to heavy jets). This program also offers special accommodations at select hotels, golf courses, and other venues.

Travelers who spend more than 100 flight hours on private jets per year should consider their joint ownership program, which allows you to access the benefits of aircraft ownership at half the cost.

Nicholas Air — Best for Domestic Flights

Nicholas Air

Nicholas Air provides a variety of ways to access private jets. Their jet card program offers discounted rates and guaranteed availability in exchange for purchasing at least 15 flight hours or making a minimum deposit of $200,000.

This private jet company operates at nearly 10,000 airports in the United States, which makes them an especially good choice for domestic flights. In addition to their jet card program, Nicholas Air also offers jet lease and fractional ownership options.

Wheels Up — Best Mobile App

Wheels Up

Wheels Up, the first private jet service to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, makes it especially easy to charter flights on a private jet. You can book individual flights through their website or user-friendly mobile app, and you’ll have more than 1,500 aircraft to choose from.

This platform also offers two membership programs: Connect and Core. The Connect membership requires a one-time initiation fee of $2,995 and annual dues of $2,495 starting in your second year of membership — it includes guaranteed availability, exclusive empty leg discounts, and access to a community forum for coordinating shared flights with other members.

The Core membership requires a one-time initiation fee of $17,500 and annual dues of $8,500 starting in your second year — it includes additional benefits such as capped hourly rates on 300 days out of the year and the ability to book flights with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

XO — Best Safety Standards


Like Wheels Up, XO allows you to access thousands of aircraft for individual flights through their website or mobile app. You can save money by renting a seat rather than the entire aircraft through their online platform, and there are also four membership programs available.

While all the providers in this guide prioritize safety, XO deserves recognition as a leader in this area. They have an excellent safety record as well as strict cleanliness procedures, and you can view the exact safety ratings and liability insurance coverage for the plane you’re using directly through their app.

Flexjet — Most Sustainable


Flexjet has been around longer than most private jet companies — since 1995. While they don’t allow you to charter individual flights on demand, they do offer aircraft leasing, fractional ownership, and a jet card program.

If you’re concerned about sustainability, this should be the first provider you consider. Flexjet is the only private aircraft company in the country that includes a carbon emissions offset with each of their flights at no extra cost. You also have the option of using sustainable aviation fuel, which is made from sources such as cooking oil and municipal waste, to make your flights even more environmentally friendly.

Private Jet Company Frequently Asked Questions


When should a company consider a private jet?

There are many drawbacks to commercial air travel — public terminals often have large crowds and long lines. Flight delays and flight cancellations are relatively common. Private jets give you flexibility to fly at your own pace, your own schedule, and to airport locations that are inaccessible by commercial airlines. If your company travels frequently for conferences, sales meetings, or any other reason, using private jets instead will allow you to travel more efficiently and stay on schedule. Also, private jets can be outfitted with full-size workstations that will help you get more done as you make your way from point A to point B.


How do private jet companies work?

As mentioned earlier, each private jet company has its own way of doing business. Some own their fleets, while others manage aircraft owned by others. Some even use a combination of these ownership models. Another difference is that some companies only allow you to charter flights as needed, while others require more of a commitment with options such as jet card programs, private jet leasing, and fractional ownership (again, some companies offer a combination of these options).

The most user-friendly private jet companies allow you to review real-time rates and book your flights directly through their website or mobile app. Some providers will require you to contact them via phone or email to work out your travel arrangements, though. Overall, these companies allow you to access the benefits of flying on a private jet without the expense of buying your own aircraft.


How much do private jet companies cost?

The cost of these services depends on which provider and type of private jet program you choose. At the low end, a single short flight on small aircraft such as a seaplane or turboprop plane might only cost about $2,500 (though the hourly rates for most private jets tend to be closer to $10,000). At the high end, investing in a joint ownership program could end up costing you seven figures.